Filing A Lawsuit Against The ICBC In Order To Obtain Insurance Coverage – Surrey, BC

After an accident, you need to be compensated by the insurance company, for the injuries and damages as you were the victim. One of the most vital points to be aware of is that the ICBC alone holds the right withhold or provide you with insurance coverage. No other party is involved in this step – no outside testimony or evidence needs to be considered for this decision to be made. It is fully up to the ICBC to make their judgment call on this.
The Aftermath Of The ICBC’s Decision
When the decision has been made, that is it. They cannot take back that decision. However, if coverage has been denied, you do have the right to dispute it. This can be done by filing a lawsuit against the ICBC, either through the small claims court, or through the Supreme Court.
Following the denial, you or your Personal Injury Lawyer Surrey in Surrey have one full year to take action in the form of a lawsuit. If you do not wish to do so, or if you miss this deadline, the decision will be made final and the consequences will rest wholly upon your shoulders.
Should You Dispute The ICBC’s Denial?

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If you have been met with a denial, you will have to weigh your options. Is it better for you to dispute the denial or simply accept it? This decision is best made by considering the extend of the damages caused during the accidents. For example, if you were the only party involved, and all that is damaged is parts of your own vehicle, then legal action against the ICBC may be costlier and more time consuming than simply bearing the expenses yourself.
On the other hand, an accident that involves damages that reach up to thousands upon thousands of dollars, will most likely be impossible to bear on your own, and taking legal action against the ICBC should be the better choice and well worth the legal fees if you can thus avoid such a huge sum of out of pocket expenses.
When To Get A Lawyer Involved
Involving an Injury Lawyer in Surrey can become costly rather quickly, especially since the fees cannot be reclaimed from the ICBC, even if do end up winning the lawsuit. As a result, you will need to weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself, whether the legal counsel is beneficial to your specific situation.
Unfortunately, a lawyer is not always optional. This is because the ICBC Lawyer Surrey will argue that the Small Claims Court has no business getting involved in insurance affairs, and will thus push to have the case moved to the Supreme Court which requires each party to obtain a lawyer.